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Van order - General information ?

And yes, I own a van ....

I'd like to go back to the day of the signing; I liked the Luxor model, I felt good in it, I planned to live there full time .....

Claus brought me back to reality by reminding me that there was a basic model and that I still had to define the options I deemed necessary.

Fortunately, I'd already looked into the subject, visited dealers and compared equipment to get an overall idea of what I needed. The discussions I'd had with other nomadic people by email or forum also gave me an operational and realistic approach to life in a van.

The projection of ageing was also a necessary evil because, as you'll see later, getting older imposes constraints in terms of limited movement, lack of strength and so on (fortunately, I haven't fully tested this period of my life .... ).

I have to take this into account when making certain choices in the future.

Claus begins with his basic list, informing me item by item of the van's composition. One point we'd overlooked: the language barrier, he's German, speaks good English, I'm a French-speaking Belgian and I don't yet know all the terms used in motorhome imagery in either French or English.

We armed ourselves with my smartphone and Claus with his computer, and both of us with our patience.

It took us about an hour and a half.

LUXOR has the following basic characteristics:

Length: 6,96 m

Widht: 2,00 m

Height: 2,70 m

Gross vehicle weight: 3.500 - 5.000 kg

Empty weight: ca. 3.073 kg

Towing weight: 2.000 - 3.500 kg

Fridge: 90 l

Combined heating and water boiling: Truma Combi 4

Fresh water: 100 litres heated

Waste water: 90 l under floot

Board Battery: gel, for solar energy, 235 Ah

Gas bottles : 2 x 11 kg --> no

The base Luxor comes with a 2.0-litre, 4-cylinder diesel engine with 125 kW (170 hp). Alternatively, it is possible to install more power developing 140 kW (190 hp) and torque of up to 450 nm.

For a safer drive, all the standard equipment is fitted to a special version of the Sprinter with reinforced stabilisers and shock absorbers.

In addition to the standard equipment, the LUXOR can be fitted with any of the options offered by Mercedes-Benz.

The list is long, ranging from automatic gearbox and driver assistance systems to 360-degree cameras and LED headlights.

Base equipment

  • 125 kW (170 hp) / optionally 140 kW (190 hp)

  • 6-speed manual gearbox / option automatic gearbox 9G-TRONIC PLUS

  • ESP, ABS and ASR

  • High beam and side wind assistant

  • Central amrests on seats and side armrests on door trim

  • Electric adjustable windows

  • Reinforced chassis

  • Remote-controlled central locking

  • Electrically operated and defrosted rear-view mirrors

  • Multimedia system MBUX 10,25’’

  • Adjustable steering wheel

Seating area

  • 2 rotating Mercedes confort seats in the driver's cabin

  • Standard single seat and storage

  • Movable and foldable table optionally

  • Newspaper rack (integrated in the side of the seating area)

  • Flexible bottle holder

  • Window front left : 70 x 55 cm

  • Window front right : 90 x 55 cm

  • Overhead locker above driver's cabin

  • Overhead locker above seating area

Interior Room Concept

In order to make the compact base vehicle feel more spacious on the inside, the interior furniture design is with a wide walkway, a bright and friendly living space as well as an excellent ventilation. A large skylight as standard equipement is the natural choice for that. The skylight, as well as all the windows, are insulated and come with integrated fly net and blind.

2 lengthways beds

  • Lenght : ca. 197 cm

  • Widht : ca. 2 x 88 cm

  • Height: ca. 100 cm

  • Mattresses MDI-foam (10 cm)

  • Storage area above bed and leckers «Labos» for accessories

  • Led reading lights and USB power outlets

  • Storage area under bed

  • Sideway windows for each bed : 50 x 35 cm

  • Skylight (optional) : 70 x 50 cm

Kitchen area with a lot of staorage space

  • Two-flame gas cooker with electric ignition / optional, glass-ceramic hobs SCHOTT CERAN®, on diesel

  • Kitchen cupboard with multiple drawers

  • Soft close

  • Trash bag

  • Stainless steel sink with covering

  • Storage space and spice rack above wokspace

  • Window size 90 x 55 cm

  • «Labos» rails

Furniture made to your liking

As standard, the furniture is made from 15 mm ‘7-ply marine’ plywood panels covered with seven layers of HPL (High Pressure Laminate) for protection and decoration (choice of 7 finishes, or beech veneer as an option). The monobloc assembly and solid wood contours guarantee the solidity of the furniture and neutralise play, a source of parasitic sound vibrations.

The folding version of the dinette table and the optional window frames are also cut from the same wood. Stretched over 5 mm plywood, thick, insulating, solid and easy-care upholstery covers the Luxor's walls and ceiling.

  • 5 furniture decor

  • 4 flooring options

  • 20 upholstery options

  • Insulation XTrem Insulator, de 20 mm

  • 3 optional solid wood, beech, maple or walnut for the furniture panels, table and window frames

  • One-piece assembly and furniture adjustment for optimum durability.

Wet room

The bathroom has been ergonomically designed for maximum ease of use.

  • Movable sink made of stainless steel (painted white)

  • Special, high polish wallcovering.

  • Cassette toilet Thetford

  • Seitz Mini-Heki in the ceiling

  • Shower with a shower curtain

  • Makeup mirror

  • Extra space for shampoo bottles

Highly accessible and versatile storage area

The large, more than 2000 l storage space below the bed cab store camping equipment, chairs, sporting equipment and possibly even a bicycle.

These are just the photos from the CS Reisemobile website; I opted for the joinery and upholstery that suited me best.

I'll let you know the options I chose and the prices in the next blog.

See you soon!

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