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Who am I?

Tina & Zigzag

Hello, I'm Tina

I think that in today's world where virtuality is everywhere, it is important to remain as authentic as possible. My blog is the place where my personality, my humor and everything that constitutes me are expressed.

This is what made me want to create Tina & Zigzag.


I invite you to browse my site to discover everything that drives me and literally gives me wings in life.

Endless travel

Departure is planned for September 30, 2024. I will go from sedentary to nomad with the desire to travel the world slowly but surely.


I was born in 1959, I am Belgian-Spanish and this site was created with the aim of communicating with my family, friends and acquaintances that I will make on the road.

Zigzag will be my traveling companion, this adorable Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 is almost ready.

I will explain this choice of becoming a nomad, the organization of the project and that of the trip, the costs and financial management.

I will give you the benefit of practical advice, my feelings about traveling solo, the difficulties that arise and the solutions (I hope) which have allowed the stages, journeys and discoveries to move forward naturally.

van life
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