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At work... I need to plan the change ?

First, the deadline: November 1, 2024 , that's what "MyPension" tells me as the release date: pension present!

Your professional career is represented by a long line with the known pension career in blue and the unknown pension in gray.

The small grey line in 1979 corresponds to student work that I did in Brussels municipal education to take care of children who did not have the possibility to go on vacation. I didn't know that at the age of 20, these days would be added to my legal pension.

The Belgian government will amaze me every day!

Second, I have two years ahead of me and tons of things to plan.

Experience tells me that you must always prepare for the next day because you never know what to expect (Wolof proverb).

I find plenty of information for people living in France or Switzerland but for Belgians, really nothing.

The Belgians have always had the reputation of having a brick in their stomach, does this mean that they remain ad vitam aeternam on their piece of land and within their 4 walls?

I come back to the origin of this expression: it designates the attraction of a person with regard to construction, housing, development.

The absolute necessity of having your own accommodation.

It appears that the expression "a brick in the stomach" became widespread after the First World War. Indeed, a good portion of Belgian households wanted to have their own accommodation.

What does Belgian legislation say?

Is it possible to live in your motorhome?

Yes, living in a mobile home is authorized in Belgian legislation

What are the best practices ?

The federal domestic public service says that all Belgians and foreigners admitted or authorized to reside or establish themselves in the Kingdom are registered in the population register.

It is obligatory to have an official address in Belgium in order to receive your mail, your summons, social security aid but also to maintain your social rights and keep a valid identity card, etc.

You must be registered in the population register of the municipality where the main residence is located.

But if I'm on the roads, I'm not in my main residence. If I sold my house or don't rent an apartment, I don't have a primary residence???

Fortunately, when discussing it with my cousin Cradinette, she was aware of this problem, having experienced it for her son who was going to work abroad temporarily and who no longer had a main residence in Belgium.

The term was on the tip of his tongue, I looked and saw nothing…. I'm kidding.

This is called a reference address : it is the address of someone else, parents, a family member or any other person at their main residence or even at a CPAS.

What are the conditions for registering at a reference address?

Not just anyone can request a reference address, they must belong to one of the following categories:

  • people who live in mobile homes;

  • people who have no or no longer a residence due to insufficient resources;

  • prisoners who have no family or home;

  • people who no longer have their main residence for professional reasons for a maximum period of one year.

The owner of the home must indicate his consent for you to also be registered with him without residing there and this agreement must then be formalized and approved by the municipality.

Municipalities may be reluctant to register an individual as a reference address, especially if this individual is a person with whom you are related, even if the law does not prohibit it.

You must prove that you do not live with this person, because if you live there, you must in principle reside there.

If the municipality agrees to give you a reference address, you will not appear on the person's household composition. You will not have any impact on their own social rights. In addition, it is not possible to seize property at this reference address, so if I get into debt, my debts will not fall on the person from whom I obtained a reference address.

Can I camp and park anywhere?

Wild camping is not allowed in Belgium.

Each commune has its own policy and some allow you to spend the night there, others do not or simply tolerate your presence if you do not adopt the behavior of a camper, that is to say you do not leave your table and your chairs outside.

Motorhomes can park like cars if they follow the regulations unless otherwise indicated.

If you own land and want to live there in your mobile home, you will need to apply for planning permission, as for a ger or a tiny house.

Do I need to have my motorhome inspected?

Like any rolling vehicle, the motorhome must pass an annual technical inspection as soon as it is registered.

Will also be checked:

  • seat belts for the driver and other seats;

  • cabin, driver's seat, interior and exterior fittings;

  • vehicle access and exit;

  • passenger seats.

Mine weighs more than 3.5T, it falls into the heavyweight category.

The technical inspection is annual and the only advantage is that you do not have to make an appointment.

What are the Highway Code rules specific to motorhomes?

  • Safety belts

All seats must be equipped with belts, including seats in the passenger compartment (not for laterally arranged seats).

Wearing it is obligatory.

  • Registration tax

Motorhomes are not subject to TMC.

  • Road tax

This is calculated based on the MMA (Maximum Authorized Mass).

In Wallonia, it is possible to be exempt from road tax by requesting a 30-trip card which must be completed each time the motorhome uses public roads (maximum 30 days per year). In Flanders, this 30-journey card system has been abolished.

  • Insurance

“Civil liability – motor vehicle” insurance is mandatory.

The insurance premium is calculated based on the kilowatt power of the vehicle.

Omnium/theft and fire insurance is recommended. The amount of the premium is determined by the value of the motorhome and by use over time (30 days per year or per year).

  • Speed limits

< 3.5T > 3.5T

In built-up areas 50 km/h 50 km/h

On ordinary roads 90 km/h 90 km/h

Flanders 70 km/h 70 km/h

On highway 120 km/h 90 km/h

Spain 100 km/h 90 km/h

Finland 100 km/h 80 km/h

My conclusions for this part:

  1. my cousin Cradinette, yes fortunately I have her, she agrees to serve as my reference address. I will make my request in September 2024 to the municipality.

  2. I need to find comprehensive insurance and civil liability for Zigzag.

  3. I have to pass the technical inspection after receiving Zigzag and registering it.

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